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Glass Master

Glass cutting is an ideal application for water jet. Without any tooling or set up changes you can go from cutting the most delicate led light glass, through to the strongest 100mm (4″) thick laminated bullet resistant glass. The very fine cutting stream (approximately 1mm or 0.040″) from the water jet machine enables cutting of almost any shape, no matter how fine or intricate, with almost no load from the cutting process being applied to the glass, then as long as you can handle it, Waterjet can cut it.  


The Techjet-X3® series is the latest in our evolution of innovative products to create a precision, easy-to-operate, safe and highly reliable Waterjet Cutting Machine. The Techjet-X3® water jet machine is built to the highest tolerances and incorporates Linear Scale Feedback to ensure the highest accuracy of motion in the industry. By mapping the entire cutting area with a laser interferometer, the motion system can deliver positional accuracy of 0.0005” (0.015mm) and high cutting speeds of up to 700 ipm or 17.5m/min. 

Innovating the water jet industry to benefit our customers.

TECHNI Waterjet focuses on

developing water jet machines

& cutting technologies to give our

customers a competitive

advantage. By finding innovative

solutions to overcome the

challenges of water jet cutting,

TECHNI provides water jet

cutters that generate the

highest return on investment

within the industry.

TECHNI is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of profile water jet cutting systems. TECHNI Waterjet is the only company in the World who can offer complete water jet cutter solutions utilizing their own patented in-house technologies for everything from the revolutionary Electric Servo Waterjet Pump to the 5 Axis Cutting Head.

TECHNI has been operating for more than 27 years and has an installation base of almost 1000 waterjet machines or water cut systems spread across 6 continents and some 25 countries. We have dedicated sales and services offices in the USA, Australia, Asia and Europe, with spare parts, sales and service support throughout the world.
TECHNI is committed to offering water jet cutter systems of the highest quality. All waterjet cutters are designed specifically for the very challenging water cutting machine environment and offer the lowest running costs in the industry.


The Intec-G2® Value Series of Water Jet Cutting Systems represents the greatest “VALUE” for money available in the world of profile abrasive Waterjet cutting. The Intec-G2® water jet machine can cut almost any material to 8″ (200 mm) thick at maximum cutting speeds with minimum Capital outlay. The Intec-G2® is based on the same design platform as the Techjet-X3®. It is these same design solutions that will provide each Intec-G2® customer with a Water jet machine that lasts longer and requires less maintenance, while delivering an easy to use, fast and accurate system at a very competitive price.

PAC 60

The PAC 60 is capable of producing

parts with a true angle up to +/- 60

deg with continuous rotation. That

means that regardless of the geometry

of the part to be cut, the PAC 60 water

jet machine will produce it without

having to reposition the cutting head,

saving time and producing higher

quality parts.

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Stone Master

Water jet Cutting of all natural and manmade stones is simple, fast and highly effective. The very small stream size (approximately 0.040″) enables intricate patterns to be cut out, while the extremely high pressure (up to 60,000 psi) ensures thick materials (up to 6″ thick) can be easily cut.

Custom Machines

Customers with unique water jet applications that require better solutions and water jet machines, than what is already available, drive us to see difficult situations as opportunities to revolutionize and innovate.