CMS' advanced technological capabilities have positioned it as one of the world's premier suppliers of CNC milling and machining centers to the aerospace industry.
CMS' advanced technological capabilities have positioned it as one of the world's premier suppliers of CNC milling and machining centers to the aerospace industry: having supplied a long list of its well know companies with basic milling and machining centers for advanced materials and composite applications, as well as having supplied it unique solutions for high speed machining of heavy structural aluminum components, patented stacked aluminum processes, advanced honeycomb cutting capabilities—the latest technology for efficient and clean composite materials drilling, milling and machining—along with patented CNC fixture holding technology for airplane wing and other swept surfaces.


CMS provides very large format, 60+ meters in length, 5-axis CNC machining center technology for boat manufacturers, both for model or mold making and capable of exploiting modern EPS foam substrate methodology, as well as incorporating CNC paste controlled application and high precision, high speed, high performance acceleration/deceleration machining, for high quality surfaces. CMS also provides the specialized CNC technology for fixturing, probing, real time program adjustment and trimming of the hulls and decks made from these molds. 


The automotive industry’s demand for high performance, whether in high performance racing cars, or major application opportunities and advancements in replacing traditional structural materials with today’s new advanced composite materials, is benefiting from CMS’ high performance automotive solutions. 


Motorhomes, travel trailers, caravans, bus conversions, truck campers, campervans, along with many other names are all part of today's popular recreational vehicle culture, also known just as RVing. RV's cover a range of needs from those who just want to get away for leisure time, such as vacation or camping, to those who live in them. But in general, those who want to RV are looking to travel and camp, for which reason RV's are generally manufactured with a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room. And Americans seem to like their RV's bigger than most other places in the world.

CMS has been a leader and innovator of CNC solutions for the Advanced Materials Industry with its wide array of special materials and special applications for decades. CMS provide systems for the machining of aluminum, light metals, composite materials, tooling boards, plastics, and other advanced materials. Their approach to system configuration includes the process of finite element analysis (FEA).  CMS serves a wide variety of manufacturers with specific machining needs— applying their years of engineering experience and resources or developing new technology as required.  CMS can supply a 5 axis CNC machining center, CNC mills or any system for your machining needs.  A few of the industries served are  aerospace, automotive, marine, energy, and metalworking.
Aluminum & Composite Material
CMS' Advanced Materials Division, specializing in advanced CNC solutions for this sector, operates from a state of the art facility of over 250,000 ft2. CMS' facility houses cutting edge equipment for the configuration of advanced materials systems that meet each client's specifications. Their large, experienced engineering staff enables CMS to provide advanced materials CNC systems in a timely fashion, while never compromising quality.  Sales and service facilities are positioned around the world, providing unparalleled support.

CMS North America, Inc.

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Industries Served


CMS is recognized as a supplier of unique and compelling CNC solutions for the Building industry including CNC solutions for mold making for sanitary fixtures, as well the CNC machining requirements for hot tubs, spas and Jacuzzi. Regardless of its sector or niche CMS has been providing for almost 50 years the most advanced, flexible, and innovative solutions oriented toward making CMS' customers among the most profitable and capable of responding to any market need, or special requirement – an impressive list of worldwide users.

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